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  Click on Card Icon to enlarge or order.  All photos are protected by copyright.  Viewing samples list copyright to avoid duplication, actual prints do not.

          Adirondack & Valley Cards            Adirondack & Valley Cards           
                                   Card A12                                                               Card A16                                                                  Card A24

     Adirondack & Valley Cards                   Adirondack & Valley Cards 
                                  Card A26                                                                  Card A28                                                                Card A34


   Adirondack Photo Prints     Adirondack Photo Prints    Adirondack Photo Prints     Adirondack Photo Prints

1  Adirondack Prints   Adirondack Prints   Adirondack Prints   Adirondack Photos    Adirondack Photos    Adirondack Photos


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